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Pepsi ventures into NFT space, announces new collection for India

The soft drink behemoth, Pepsi, has revealed introducing its inaugural non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection for the Indian market. The soft drink behemoth, Pepsi, has revealed introducing its inaugural non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection for the Indian market. In order to strengthen its connection with the digitally savvy SWAG generation, PepsiCo India Design Team has joined hands...

FTX Drama Spells Chaos for the NFT Sector

Just one week ago, the NFT sector was bubbling with optimism as token prices saw steady gains amid a backdrop of vigorous project building. But as the Terra collapse faded into distant memory a new story of gross negligence emerged from the shadows. So, as the FTX empire crumbles into dust, it has put the...

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The next big web3 product won’t be designed for crypto maxis.

It will be designed for everyday users.




Ethereum (ETH) & Solana (SOL) Become Most Staked Crypto Assets

The market capitalization of all staked crypto assets reaches almost $95 billion, with ETH and SOL leading the pack. Ethereum (ETH) takes the trophy for the most staked crypto asset following the successful Merge of the Beacon Chain consensus layer with the Ethereum execution layer on Sep. 15, 2022, data from shows. The network with the second-highest staking transaction...

Funko teams up with Warner Brothers for DC Comics’ NFT release

Funko, a pop culture retail brand, is expanding into cryptocurrency by collaborating with Warner Brothers to offer a physical and digital comic book collectible exclusively through retail giant Walmart. DC fans who purchase the Funko collectible can connect their crypto wallet and claim the NFT online, which is minted on the WAX blockchain. The “phygital” bundle includes...


Markets reward patience.

Utility compounds with time.



NYFW’s Nolcha Shows: Merging Fashion, AI, and Web3

During New York Fashion Week (NYFW) on September 10, the award-winning Nolcha Shows event celebrated its 15th year of showcases by putting on a “Fashionology” immersive experience that fused its runway shows with a one-stop-shop technology experience lounge. Over the past 11 years, the Nolcha Shows have become established as a platform of discovery that...


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Blackpink Launches Immersive Roblox Fan Experience

In a much-anticipated announcement, YG Plus, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment, revealed today (August 21) that the world-renowned K-pop girl group, Blackpink, is set to launch an innovative fan engagement initiative known as BLACKPINK THE PALACE on Roblox. Scheduled to debut on Friday, August 25, this pioneering project promises to provide devoted Blackpink fans, fondly...

Futureverse Wants to Democratize High Music Quality With JEN 1

Futureverse, an AI and metaverse tech company with one of the largest digital collectible communities in the space, published its first research paper introducing a new infrastructure model to democratize high-end music quality by fusing musical compositions with artificial intelligence (AI). The research paper, JEN 1: TEXT-GUIDED UNIVERSAL MUSIC GENERATION WITH OMNIDIRECTIONAL DIFFUSION MODELS,” is...



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