World of Music: building a new kind of Music Studio through the Metaverse

World of Music: building a new kind of Music Studio through the Metaverse

In the past years, the concept of Metaverse has been getting into everyone’s mouth, even among the leaders and tech, art, sports and other big brands around the globe. Now is time for music. Willy Williams in collaboration with 54 NFT created World of Music, a new kind of Music Studio. Think about a collection of 8,888 fans avatars that give you membership access to The Studio. It starts with exclusive music collabs, NFT drops, live events, and much more that will be revealed over time. Community ownership in WOM allows for a new genre of music production and sales which the world has yet to explore. A WOM Fan is your ownership of the music they produce, in the metaverse of course.


The Studio is a where art, community, and culture fuse to create magic. Each WOM-holder will be able to collaborate in the creation of different kind of music creation. Think of it as a collaborative art experiment for the cryptosphere. A members-only music studio with the guidance of the most amazing music stars in the world.

The Studio will be run by The WOM DAO, where all music The Studio produces and profits will go to the holders. The WOM DAO will have 100 Ambassadors. All of them are going to own 10% of the WOM DAO the rest will go to the WOM holders. These Ambassadors are going to be the best people in the music industry and they are the ones who will make the proposal for the launch of a new Hit, and the WOM DAO will vote.

The lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring and the rules are being rewritten.


When you buy a World of Music fan, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a probably-rare piece of art. You are gaining membership access to a club whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your World of Music fan can serve as your digital identity, and open digital doors for you.

Visit the official page to start.

Some of the benefits of WOM.

– Backstage access, presale and exclusive tickets at the best concerts and festivals.
– Meet and greet with Willy William and other famous music celebrities and influencers.
– Tour to Willy William Studio and a chance to receive amazing physical collectibles and merchandise.
– Get to be in on stage with Willy Williams and other famous musicians.
– One holder will receive an Open Ticket to any concert they want and be able to meet their favorite music star.

20 de April de 2022

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