WeTransfer Joins Forces With Minima to Empower NFT Creators

WeTransfer Joins Forces With Minima to Empower NFT Creators

Decentralised blockchain platform Minima has partnered with digital content-sharing platform WeTransfer to deploy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Minima network.

WeTransfer and Minima look to empower creators with Digital Rights Management (DRM) for intellectual property such as NFTs. The collaboration aims to give users the ability to generate NFTs directly from any device. This aims to give users control over how and who they share digital assets with, and efficiently collect revenue.

Minima aims to make these aims a reality with its globally distributed communications network. The Minima network is currently set to go live in March across 183 countries.

NFTs are hosted on a secure peer-to-peer network to allow the transfer of each NFT from person to person without third-party intermediaries. This enables users to create revenue directly from their own digital assets, and continue to receive revenue for its lifespan.

Users can earn revenue in the form of amounts paid to the original creator after any sale of an NFT. This partnership highlights how both companies aim to connect people and facilitate innovation and creativity. The partnership also highlights the focus placed on maintaining privacy.

Connecting without limits

Damian Bradfield, chief creative officer at WeTransfer, commented on the significance of the partnership. He said: “WeTransfer is thrilled to work with Minima. Its vision is aligned strongly with ours to seamlessly connect people and facilitate innovation and creativity without sacrificing privacy.”

Ultimately, Minima also aims for every mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) device to run a Minima node. Through this aim, it hopes to create a decentralised network that is owned by everyone. It explained that if this is achieved, value can be exchanged without third-party intermediaries, apps can be built without restrictions and people can connect without limits.

Hugo Feiler, CEO of Minima, explained how this could signify big news for NFTs. Feiler said: “We, as a partnership, look forward to supporting the development and acceleration of creativity in the digital age where individuals retain ownership as well as control of their work.

“This partnership will explore the practical use of NFT technology, something which interests not only the crypto industry, but also acts as a test case to demonstrate the potential of wider adoption of this innovative digital tool.”

The Minima blockchain uses its own Minima coin as its currency. It is a store of value and medium of exchange, enabling peer-to-peer value transfer to any participant also on the Minima network.

Source: Tom Bleachthefintechtimes.com

Image: freepik.es

8 de February de 2023

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