Welcome to Jurassic Park: Phil Tippett Releases Prehistoric NFT
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Welcome to Jurassic Park: Phil Tippett Releases Prehistoric NFT

Legendary Hollywood animator Phil Tippett has announced his own set of NFT artworks. He will auction a snippet from his own personal 1984 stop-motion masterpiece, Dinosaur!.

Phil Tippet, known for some of the most awe-inspiring special effects in movie history is immortalizing scenes from Dinosaur!. The exceptional short story that served as a calling card to Steven Spielberg when producing dinosaur caper, Jurassic Park.

Double Oscar winner Tippet, is famed for his incredible practical special effects which he has mastered over 5 decades. With this in mind, he is best known for his work on such movies as the original Star Wars trilogy, Jurassic Park and Robocop.

When interviewed regarding the artwork, Phil Tippet offered these sage words:

This genesis NFT is one of my favourite segments from my 1984 stop-motion short, Dinosaur! These Deinonychuses rip apart this poor Struthiomimus who was just trying to enjoy their breakfast.

The one minute and nine second animation is the first in a collection of 8 NFTs from his acclaimed Dinosaur! film. Tippett hinted at further NFTs from his life-long labour of love, “Mad God,” releasing later this year.

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