Ubisoft Partners With Immutable To Build Web3 Gaming Experience

Ubisoft Partners With Immutable To Build Web3 Gaming Experience

Ubisoft, the well-known publisher responsible for popular games such as Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six Siege, is expanding its involvement in blockchain gaming through a partnership with Immutable, a company specializing in crypto infrastructure and gaming. Together, their objective is to develop a “Web3 gaming experience” by leveraging Immutable’s expertise in blockchain technology.

Immutable, known for its layer-2 blockchain, Immutable X, which facilitates NFT integrations in games like Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians, is collaborating with Ubisoft to create an innovative gaming experience within the Web3 framework. The partnership aims to unlock the potential of Web3, enabling players to seamlessly incorporate crypto elements into their gaming activities.

Nicolas Pouard, Vice President of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting Immutable’s ability to provide smooth integrations for game developers. The joint effort seeks to introduce “digital ownership” to players, establishing an ecosystem that ensures the success of this pioneering venture.

While specific details about the project are limited, it could potentially involve the development of a new blockchain game, integration into an existing Ubisoft game, or a gamified experience like a “collect to earn” project. This initiative follows Ubisoft’s prior forays into the NFT and blockchain space, underscoring its dedication to exploring innovative opportunities within the gaming industry.

Source: finance.yahoo.com

Image: unsplash.com

10 de November de 2023

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