Transient Labs Unveils Partnership with Foundation
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Transient Labs Unveils Partnership with Foundation

Transient Labs, an innovation platform for Web3 creators, projects, and ecosystems, has announced a new collaboration with Foundation marketplace. The partnership aims to redefine the way artists showcase their talents and monetize their creations, offering an effortless avenue to list ERC-721TL artworks on the Foundation’s platform with just a single click.

What makes this partnership unique is the integration of the ERC-721TL standard, which streamlines the process of showcasing one’s work on Foundation. “This integration allows creators to expand their inventory available from Transient to be sold in Worlds on Foundation,” the Foundation team told nft now, expressing their excitement. “We share many of the same core values as companies. So it’s a win-win all around and for the space.”

Transient Labs has been consistently bringing new tools to the market. In Sept., Transient and Alpha Centauri Kid launched T.R.A.C.E., a new form of technology that serves as a new standard for provenance, authentication, evolution, and documentation for physical and digital art. T.R.A.C.E. stands for “Tokenized Records for Artwork Certification and Evolution.”

Worldbuilding With New Tools

For visionaries and storytellers who craft immersive experiences and narratives, often referred to as “Worldbuilders,” introducing these tools provides an opportunity to enhance their work. This development signifies a period where the community can utilize these capabilities to develop narratives through what are termed “Story Inscriptions.’”

As part of the partnership, Transient Labs will create their own “World” on Foundation. Worlds on Foundation are digital assets that reside within their own specialized smart contract.

In this capacity, they will take on the role of curators, collaborating closely with Transient Lab creators to offer carefully curated releases. Their inaugural release, “JIVA,” will be out on Nov. 6.

When asked about the direction of the partnership, Brian Larson, the COO of the Foundation, said the two companies are both focused on growing the digital art ecosystem but from different angles.

“Transient is focused on advanced creator tools and focused on getting that work sold in curated contexts,” Larson said. “It’s the beginning of an ongoing partnership between the two teams.”

This collaboration holds the potential to reshape the way artists showcase their work and collaborate, offering new avenues for creative expression and artistic ventures. As Transient Labs and Foundation continue to explore the possibilities of this partnership, the art community can look forward to a future filled with innovative opportunities and transformative experiences.

“I’m incredibly excited,” Larson added. “It gives our community access to the innovative tools Transient continues to build, and it gives Transient users access to the exposure of being curated in Worlds on Foundation.”


6 de November de 2023

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