The King joins the NFT Brigade
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The King joins the NFT Brigade

Fast food royalty, Burger King, has announced its entry into the NFT space. Patrons of the purveyor of beef patties, can now earn extra rewards while consuming their favourite instant hamburger.

The King will enter the NFT realm and helping them on the way are promotional ambassadors and apparent celebrities, Nelly, Anitta, and LILHUDDY, who will consequently play their part in the reward system.

The new “keep it real meals” marketing campaign sees a range of digital collectibles accompanying their assortment of foodstuffs. Burger fans can scan the QR code adorning their meal to access a number of virtual tokens. These tokens will then potentially provide access to a number of exclusive rewards.

Items on offer from the long standing meat flippers include 3D Burger King collectibles, autographed goods, and a communication channel to one of the “celebrities”. The top prize on offer however, is a year’s supply of the Whopper® hamburger. As it stands, it is unclear whether that prize comes with fries or not. The promotion will run until October 10, and only applies to US branches of the fast food giant.

The Sweet marketplace is an NFT trading post with a user-friendly interface for trading digital assets using fiat bank accounts.

6 de July de 2021

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