Steve Jobs’ 1973 job application once again up for auction, in physical and NFT form
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Steve Jobs’ 1973 job application once again up for auction, in physical and NFT form

It was bound to happen at some point. An entrepreneur is putting the physical and digital versions up for sale at the same time to see which does better.

A London-based entrepreneur is hoping to set off a competition between the physical and digital worlds, putting a 1973 job application filled out by Steve Jobs up for auction. The form Jobs apparently filled out for an unspecified position at an unspecified company will be available to buy either as a purportedly authenticated physical good or in digital form, as a nonfungible token, or NFT.

Steve Jobs 1973 job application
An image of the Steve Jobs job application.RR Auction

The job application’s gone up for auction several times before, selling in 2017 for $18,750, in 2018 for $174,757, and just this last March for a reported $222,400. The auction’s organizer, Olly Joshi, is hoping to sweeten the pot by taking bids for the physical and a new NFT version side by side. Bidding starts July 21. 

The Steve Jobs hand-written 1973 job application auction aims to highlight the modern shift in perceived value — the physical or the digital,” he said in a statement. The auction will run for seven days, during which people seeking the physical version can bid through Joshi’s website, which is being run off an auctioneering app called Snoofa. People hoping to snag the digital version can go to popular NFT marketplace Rarible.

Though the item has in the past been authenticated by collectibles experts at PSA DNA and Beckett, CNET was not able to corroborate the veracity of Joshi’s auction.

Source: cnet

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