L.A. Super Bowl: the NFL are including virtual NFT tickets for fans

L.A. Super Bowl: the NFL are including virtual NFT tickets for fans

The NFL announced officially on Wednesday that each fan who attends Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles on Feb. 13 will receive a unique customized nonfungible token (NFT).

The NFT will feature their unique section, row and seat to commemorate the game day and the Super Bowl’s return to Los Angeles for the first time in almost 30 years.

According to the announcement, Super Bowl LVI provided the NFL with a special opportunity to offer NFTs at the event as a tool to engage and celebrate with fans.

Robert Gallo, senior vice president at the NFL’s club business development, noted that the club started offering virtual commemorative ticket NFTs to fans during the regular season.

“We witnessed great success with this one-of-a-kind fan experience, which provided the momentum to continue this program throughout the postseason and ultimately at Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles,” Gallo noted.

According to Gallo, fans have been eagerly collecting virtual ticket NFTs, especially for the season’s biggest game. Offering customized Super Bowl NFTs enables the NFL to enhance the gameday experience, while also enabling the club to further “evaluate the NFT space for future ticketing and event engagement opportunities,” Gallo added.

The NFL on Wednesday released the club-specific NFTs for the Super Bowl LVI participating teams, the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. The virtual NFT tickets are minted on the Polygon blockchain and can be viewed on the NFL’s official NFT website.

The National Football League continues moving into the nonfungible tokens (NFTs) by preparing another collection of limited edition NFTs to commemorate Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.

Source: Cointelegraph

7 de February de 2022

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