Inspired by the most complete project in the NFT market, MAWNFT launches the “Plexxo Apes”

Inspired by the most complete project in the NFT market, MAWNFT launches the “Plexxo Apes”

The “Bored Apes” is the NFT collection that makes a true change in how people perceive the new era of non-fungible tokens. So this collection is inspired by the most complete project in the NFT market.

It is a version of what the Bored Ape would be like made from the perspective of the artist Juliana Plexxo, a Colombian artist who was part of the Miami Art Week Project.

All the pieces are unique 1:1 handmade, combining real pieces in the backgrounds made with the ancient technique of engraving (in the workshop where Miro, Dali, Picasso created their pieces) with digital brushwork.

The names of each of the pieces are inspired by Greek names that have a mystical meaning.

Part of the collection inspired in “Bored Apes” and Greek references.

The world has changed but our minds have adapted, within 100 years all the jobs in the world will be handled by machines and robots but the only thing that cannot be cloned is the creativity of the brain of an artist who invents his art every day and this will be the most valued, we can already see it in this era.

With this collection, the artist wants to give a more artistic twist to the existing proposal and a new and creative way of seeing the Apes from another angle.

They could have Artistic Augmented Reality

Are you in?? Visit the MAWNFT web and get your Plexxo Ape now!!

3 de February de 2022

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