Drop it like it’s HOT: Snoop Dogg Reveals He Is An NFT Whale; Has A Collection Of Over $17 Million

Drop it like it’s HOT: Snoop Dogg Reveals He Is An NFT Whale; Has A Collection Of Over $17 Million

The D-O-Double-G revealed this week on Twitter that he has been collecting NFTs under the alias Cozomo de’ Medici.

Cozomo popped onto the Twitter scene in August, regularly tweeting about the big sums he was spending on NFT collections and showing a nuanced understanding of the technology. The wallet associated with that name has an estimated $17 million in holdings, including nine CryptoPunks, some of the oldest and most desirable NFTs around.

The wallet now also contains a number of NFTs centering around marijuana, including joints and bowls, seemingly gifted to Cozomo since Snoop revealed himself. All totaled, the account currently holds over 250 NFTs.

Snoop (real name Calvin Broadus Jr.) seems determined to keep the Cozomo alias as a separate identity. Shortly before unveiling himself on the Snoop Dogg feed, he told Cozomo’s 38,500 followers “Those who do not care, or simply prefer to not know the source of my vast fame and fortune, may simply not research. I will keep this account focused on NFTs, and not mention this again here.” He also noted in a separate Tweet that “many say they prefer to know me as Cozomo, and no one else”.

NFTs are essentially a blockchain-based certificate of authenticity on a given work. They’re viewed by some as alternate investment vehicles, much like a piece of fine art or classic car would be. Only, in the case of NFTs, they’re digital and do not exist in the real world.
His adventures as Cozomo de’ Medici aren’t Snoop’s first foray into the world of NFTs. He released his own NFT collection in March that included an original track called “NFT,” and “Snoop Dogge Coins”. And on 4/20 he unveiled a collaboration with the digital artist behind the Nyan Cat meme to release a “Nyan Dogg” NFT.

That sold for the equivalent of more than $33,500 at the time.

23 de November de 2021

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