Dolce & Gabbana: check the new dropping of exclusive NFT’s
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Dolce & Gabbana: check the new dropping of exclusive NFT’s

Personally designed by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, The Glass Suit was inspired by a unique shared dream that the designers had, which gave birth to the suit and two dresses. This spectacular piece of wearable, sculptural art took thousands of hours to create by hand across both the physical and digital versions. The physical suit involved eight different seamstresses working across more than 3 months.

The Glass Suit tells two different stories: the first is connected to Venice and its prestigious Murano glass heritage, a legacy that has made the city known worldwide. The second one speaks of festivity, representing the ritual of toasting, a moment of celebrating health, family, love and success.

What makes this suit so special is the unique way in which it is constructed. The base material is a beautiful triple organza 100% SE Silk, which brings a unique reflective surface to the suit. The second reason the suit is so distinctive is the striking embroidery that covers virtually every inch of fabric. These embroidered glassworks are made of a unique combination of Swarovski crystal and Murano glass, which also brings a unique reflective experience. Each embroidered glasswork on this suit is completely distinct — in design, in size, in shape, and in color — and an incredible amount of craftsmanship went into creating this piece. In fact, much of the embroidery on this suit is stacked, which is a particularly complicated effect.

In total, there are 72 embroidered glassworks on this suit. The suit also comes with a paired green shirt which features an additional 6 embroidered glassworks.

The digital journey of creating The Glass Suit involved an incredibly intricate process of hand drawing, modeling, texturing, spatial dimensioning, shading, lighting, and simulations in order to capture the unique material, embroidery, physics, and reflective nature of this suit.

18 de October de 2021

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