CORNERBOYZ: an exclusive NFT collection for cannabis lovers.
How to

CORNERBOYZ: an exclusive NFT collection for cannabis lovers.

CORNERBOYZ or CBZ was born from the idea to revolutionize an entire Industry, merging the best of both worlds, Web3, giving control, value, strength and power to the people and love of cannabis, the most sacred ancient floral living species provided by nature. Bringing people together back to the roots all as one. By joining the CBZ you’re doing so much more than just acquiring a digital asset (NFT).

Introducing CBZ

CBZ delivers are investing in one of the first NFT/CANNABIS companies ever, well, if not the first, the best without a doubt. Let’s see how to make the one true investment you’ll never regret.

CornerBoyz is a private members only collective of 420 dedicated NFT collectors and cannabis lovers, a cannabis collective NFT to join, one must hold the CornerBoyz Collective NFT. Membership includes access to our private Discord, early access to the CornerBoyz podcast, in-person events, and other collaborations created exclusively for CornerBoyz Collective members.

Collective Intelligence

Our members were early producers of some of the most important Brands and producers of the Cannabis Industry in the World. A collective working together is stronger than any single member. “We want YOU to be part of our family and of course we’ll be bringing a new revenue stream coming from crypto buyers. The plan is to make this membership nationwide and we are already partnering up with some big names in the Cannabis Industry and more”, says the CEO of CBZ, Water Baumann.

The Mission

Create a community of people who have been supporting and growing the industry even before it was legal. We plan to support the cannabis projects and industry improvements through a voting system between the CBZ Club members.


The CBZ Club is where part of the profit the CornerBoyz makes goes. The owners of the CBZ Club are the holders of any CBZ NFT. The CBZ Club its governed by an effective, well-resourced DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). And the 10% of the profits will be distributed between the CBZ Club members (CBZ Pass holders) and a 20% will be to support new projects around the world and help innovators on their journey.

The industry on another level


Some of the areas we can provide support to players are:

– Financial support.
– Consulting services.
– Exposure.
– Image & IP.
– Brand deals.
– Sales and partnerships.

How do you plan to support members?

– Inside access to their journey (updates, news, information)
– Access to new products, gear, jerseys and technology.
– Tickets to conferences and other in-person events.
– Personalized panels that feature the biggest names in the industry.
– Exclusive access to virtual events and spaces in the metaverse.
– Passive income of all the sales and on what games makes.

The Roadmap

The CBZ Founder Pass gets you access to the founder software panel that we are building. We think it’s important for you to know the existing plans so you can make an educated decision whether or not to mint. Here’s our planned roadmap:

  • JUNE 19, 2022:
    CBZ Pass Mint
    Mint a CBZ Pass.
  • WEEK OF JUNE 27, 2022:
    CBZ Pass holders will get early access to Strains collection.
  • WEEK OF JULY 25, 2022:
    4200 unique CornerBoyz are going to be available, first to CBZ Pass holders.
  • WEEK OF JULY 25, 2022:

CornerBoyz Podcast & Launch event in LA
Private event for CornerBoyz holder in Los Angeles.WEEK OF AUGUST 15, 2022
CornerBoyz Newsletter #1
Industry news you might not know about delivered to your inbox every week. This will be a great way to stay on top of great news about what’s going on. We reveal the the #1st box.

  • WEEK OF AUGUST 29, 2022:
    CornerBoyz Mystery Box #1
    The first 4200 boxes will be shipped to the CornerBoyz

CBZ Collective NFT a private members only collective of 420

21 de June de 2022

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