3 Ways NFTs Can Supercharge Corporate Events

3 Ways NFTs Can Supercharge Corporate Events

NFTs have gained tremendous popularity in the last year. Major brands like Adidas, Nike, Mcdonald’s, Coca-Cola and Prada are investing heavily in integrating NFTs into their traditional business marketing strategies. This is key for mass adoption as everyday consumers will now have access to blockchain NFTs through their favorite brands. Such experiences can facilitate more engaging customer interactions across physical and digital channels. This presents a very exciting opportunity for brands to connect to this new generation of customers.

NFTs have also found their way into event marketing. Major conferences like Consensus have been including NFT gifts for event attendees since 2019. Attendees receive a special email link to claim the NFTs and are able to claim the reward anytime during or after the conference. More recently, the Oscars jumped on the NFT train by awarding NFTs to their winners. The Oscars partnered with NFT marketplace Rarible to create exclusive art for their NFT awards. Such NFT-powered event experiences will only increase as event organizers increase their adoption of new event technologies.

Businesses can also take advantage of NFTs by incorporating them into their own events. Here are three ways how NFTs can supercharge corporate events.

  1. NFTs as tickets: NFT tickets are access passes that exist on the blockchain as an NFT. They allow access to live or virtual events.
  2. NFTs as rewards: NFT rewards are exclusive blockchain-based rewards for event attendees awarded on the completion of an objective.
  3. NFTs as souvenirs: NFT souvenirs are digital NFT souvenirs that event attendees can keep with them forever.

There have been many NFT event experiences that have gained traction over the last few years. For example, the United States hosted Gary Vee’s VeeCon in May 2022. The conference made history by being the first large-scale event to be ticketed exclusively by NFTs. Only the holders of Veefriend NFTs were allowed access to the event, and tickets were not available for purchase to the general public.

Canada has also hosted many unique NFT event experiences. In 2021, the Toronto Raptors launched their own NFT collection titled 6ix Keys. These digital artworks provided the holders with exclusive benefits like rare autographed souvenirs, VIP experiences and more. The collection featured many different types of NFTs that granted privileges based on their rarity.

Another leader in the Canadian NFT event space is Vancouver Bar Crawl. The event has successfully incorporated NFT souvenirs in its nightlife events and was recently ranked as Canada’s No. 1 Bar Crawl. It also announced a collaboration with sound artist Droktr to create more unique NFT sound experiences.

NFTs provide many benefits when successfully integrated into event marketing. In the near future, NFTs could be used as event tickets to offer exclusive rewards and also provide souvenirs to event attendees. Such experiences are still in their infancy but have great potential, and I believe mass adoption of NFTs will enable more NFT event experiences. Businesses will be able to integrate such experiences into their marketing strategies and attract this new generation of customers.

Source: Dennie Jamesforbes.com

4 de January de 2023

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